Why I am bored of University

Recently I have started a work experience job at university, in this job am doing tasks and projects that interest me, and are things I would love to be able to do after I finish university. So I have done it, now when people ask me that dreaded question of,”What do you want to do after University?” I can tell them.

However now my problem is university. While your looking for what you want to do, Uni is perfect, you get to have the perks of not having many teaching hours to go to, but still having to do the work and meet deadlines, as this is good preparation for when you go into a work place. However now I know what I want to do and, to some extent, doing it, its just getting in the way! Having to write assignments or dissertations seem pointless, because I know I won’t have to do that in the future, plus most modules I am doing will have nothing to do with my working future. So why should I have to do them ? I am a person that tries to live by Carpe Diem, seize the day, and doing stuff i don’t need just seems like a waste of valuable time. Is it my fault instead of writing a news piece, or working on my dissertation, I’d rather look at pictures of dogs with hats on?(search and thank me later)

I don’t think it is. In part I think it is the courses fault for not appealing to me, and the other part is that I am bored of being in school! University should be a transition between school and work, not just all school. That is why a lot of universities have placement years, mine does not.

So over the next threeish months all I will be telling myself is, just get on with it, It’s almost over! So Until the end of May wish me luck and ban me from the internet so I get some of this pointless work done !

Whats Wrong With Real Life?

All you see on television nowadays are reality shows, or shows about other people’s problems. Whether it is The Only Way is Essex, Celebrity Big Brother or the BBC’s attempts to shows every student as an over drinking, over sexed Brit abroad. This all probably stems from how boring and mundane life has become.

Nowadays you can do everything you need to while sitting on a sofa with your mobile. So people do. They don’t go around and see friends, they text them and see what they are up too on Facebook. You don’t have to have hobbies that take time to build skills up, such as painting or playing an instrument; because all you have to do is download a decent enough repetitive app and you can be stuck wasting the rest of your night.

Does the programming on T.V need to be good anymore? Broadcasters aren’t going beat Facebook and Twitter. So they just bring a show out Like Sun Sex and suspicious parents: Afghanistan or What happens in Sunny Beach, and then you can just half watch the chaos ensue. People live with one eye on their phone, and the other on the TV screen.

Then people do watch Television ad put down their phones, they can be treated with shows like Goggle box, which is literally people watching the same stuff you have watched, just you see what you probably reacted like. Essentially what channel 4 has done is make a show that could have been made using a mirror.

There’s a reason Television is so mundane and boring,  and people don’t really notice. That’s because life is even more boring. The irony with these shows is they are escapism, it may be winter and flooding most of the UK but if you are watching Kids drinking abroad it makes you remember a holiday you had and happier compared to the reality of peoples boring life’s. This isn’t a rant at people for having boring lives. This is a rant at life for having boring people.

We should be making more of our time, should be looking back at every day thinking we have accomplished something, being as productive as we can, and from this there will be better Television, to try and gain are attention and better games. That being said my High score on Flappy birds is 30 points.


The Year Of The Wall Street Wolf

The Year Of The Wall Street Wolf

Wolf of Wall Street is the latest DiCaprio and Scorsese partnering. The Films tells the story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) and how he turns from middle class to first class. As the title suggests, he does this through the stock market. At first it seems as if it isn’t for him, as in his first day as a broker there was the biggest crash since black Friday and he lost his job. It isn’t until he is steered towards another job as a broker, but this time trading in penny stocks which has 50 percent commission, that he is able to realise his dream, of being rich.

The film then shows us the extents of excess through success, through his addictions to power, drugs and women. This dimension of the film is one Scorsese had the same challenges that he also faced while Directing Goodfellas and Casino. This was to show the excess, without endorsing it. The way he does this, is by showing it in such a comical, and in many cases a farcical way. The Audience, on viewing this have no choice but to engage their moral compasses when faced with just how ridiculous Belfort’s life is. Scorsese’s direction throughout the film is measured perfectly, and his cast are able to get all they can out of their characters with this direction.

By far and away the best performance within the film is DiCaprio, he is given the freedom within this role to push and reach his full potential as an actor. The nature of the film allows him to completely over act and he is able to explore all he know as an actor. Throughout the film he does everything from taking a tantrum; give inspiring and rousing speeches, taking “Enough Drugs to sustain Queens for a month,” and becoming an FBI fugitive. There are parts where he is able to channel Jack Nicholson, with his raw intensity. While also doing what DiCaprio does best with his measured and pure cool, he exudes through this near perfect performance.

The unsung stars of this film are the supporting cast. They are able to fully shine in their own way, and were at the same time not overshadowed by the towering performance of DiCaprio.  Jonah Hill is perfectly placed as his business partner and best friend, Donnie Azoff in the film. They certainly got tremendous value for money on his performance that he was only paid $60,000 for.

This is a film that all the stars have aligned for; DiCaprio gives the performance of his Career. Scorsese returns with an 3 hour long epic, on par with the Likes of Gangs of New York and Goodfellas, and is a his first film in years to pack a real punch. With the Oscars fast approaching, and with the film being up for 5 nominations, including best picture, and best leading actor. This has got to be the year of the wolf and DiCaprio.


I recently got a smart watch for my birthday, and since then my life has just revolved around time. What time I wake up. What time I have to leave for work. How long am I in work for. How long I don’t spend doing uni work. How long before I need to hand it in. The list goes on.

Its starting to make me realise that I should look after it better. There are too many times when I will sit and do nothing. When I look back on a day and not pick something out, because the bare minimum has been done to get me through. Which I absolutely hate! I want to be doing all I can in whatever little time I have.

I just need to start prioritising better. Yeah sitting and having a laugh with friends is good, but it doesn’t help your degree. Playing FIFA for hours on end is fun, but it doesn’t help me in real life.

I have a 10,000 word dissertation that needs to be started, a 5,000 word portfolio that needs starting. A 3,000 word journalism piece that needs doing. Yet all this at the same time of trying to work 30 hours a week, see friends and family, spend time with the fiance, go running, writing CV’s and applying for graduate jobs.

This basically means, my life revolves around time, yet I don’t have any left.

Running is HARD

I’ve signed up for a Half Marathon, in an attempt to challenge myself and get fit in the process. So I’ve started to go on runs and start some sort of training for it.

My first mistake is my route. I start off by running past Mcdonalds, before passing my favorite Chippy, then down past the 5 chicken shops, then going down the back of like 20 restaurants, around the park and then the same on the way back home. This means I’m hungry for the whole time I’m running, and have got this constant thought going through my head of “stop running you fool! Go eat nice fatty food and get fat and be happy!” Which as you can probably tell, is not the best motivation.

My second mistake was Cheese. Do not eat cheese before you go running. If you do, you’ll start to burp about 2K in, then that will turn to balking and, then into being sick on the side of a road trying to avoid splash back. Don’t learn the lesson the hard way like me.

My third mistake was pace. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting faster, which is good, but also really bad. It’s bad because I’m only running 6 Km and I’ve got my time to around 35 minutes. Which is under my goal of 10 km an hour. But now I keep trying to go faster, and keep getting tired faster. Which is all good and well if I was only doing a 5K race, but I’m not. I’m doing 20K, so I need to learn how to pace myself, or just die when it comes to the day!

That being said i got to 8K yesterday and only half died, so that’s progress! 

In The Beginning…

I have started this as an attempt to vent my stresses and other things that are said in my head.(They said the name of the movie!) This is because most of them are never said  out loud, sometimes because I forget and other times because…… well I’m not to sure actually, that’s why I’ve started this.

A Little About Me

Recently turned 21. Love Music. Love Film.In Final year of University. Working as a supervisor part time. Working as a Fiance full time. In training for a Half Marathon. Always constantly feeling I’m not being productive enough. Not doing anything about it.  Like to think I’m a positive happy person. 

So yeah, that’s me.